Access Center

Western Nephrology operates Denver’s only privately owned and managed Access Center. Located in our Westminster office, the center provides diagnostic and therapeutic procedures to assist in the proper functioning of hemodialysis vascular accesses.

We are committed to enhancing the overall quality, comfort and convenience of our patient’s dialysis access-related care.

Patient Experience

  • New, state-of-the-art facility with knowledgeable, professional staff
  • Minimal wait times; outpatient access procedures are never delayed due to more critical hospital patients
  • High satisfaction due to comprehensive care, minimal pain, and shorter length of time from initial referral to successful completion
  • Access Center treats patients in a calm and professional environment to ease stress

Access Procedures

Dr. Joseph Abdallah

Dr. Joseph Abdallah

Dr. Abdallah is the Medical Director for our Access Center.

Dialysis Patient Care in Westminster, CO

Cost, Convenience and Expertise

  • Outpatient procedures means costs are lower than hospital procedures
  • Procedures are swift, effective and comprehensive
  • Access Center is located in Westminster, very close to Federal and the Boulder Turnpike, convenient for patients in Boulder, Arvada, Longmont, Lafayette and throughout the Denver Metro
Access Center Referral Form

Western Nephrology Access Center

Patient Testimonials about the Access Center:

“It’s a pleasure to go to a place for a procedure, be treated so well and not have to wait as long as in the hospital.”

“I have been taken care of very well at this facility.”
“I was seen right away and they did a great job.”
“You have a wonderful facility. The staff are very friendly and professional.”
“I was very satisfied and will recommend this facility to others.”

“I like the attention to cleanliness and sterility. It is much better than other places.”

“I found the procedure to be quick and comfortable.”
“I would recommend Western Nephrology as a whole to anyone with kidney disease/renal failure.”
“The nurses were very nice and concerned. Very professional atmosphere. I highly recommend.”
“You have a wonderful facility, excellent staff, and a great doctor.”

“Very professional. Excellent all the way around from start to finish. Convenient location.”

“Procedure time was shorter than at other facilities I’ve used in the past.”